Stad’s Crabfest grew out of a backyard family party.  From 2006-2010, Crabfest co-founders Nancy and Bill Baton hosted an annual outdoor seafood summer picnic in their backyard for about a dozen or so friends and family.  The event was called “Stad’s Crabfest” and everyone who attended the picnic received a Crabfest t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.  “Stad” is short for “Stepdad” and it is the name Bill’s stepchildren chose to call him when Bill and Nancy were married.

Following Stad’s Crabfest 2010, Bill began to reflect on the loss of a close friend to cancer, as well as the loss of his father and father-in-law to other causes, and the quality of life issues that affect the afflicted and their loved ones.  In late 2010, Bill contacted two past participants of Crabfest, Debra and David Judd, to discuss the idea of transforming Stad’s Crabfest from a family picnic into a charitable cause aimed at promoting positive community and fundraising for persons affected by cancer.

As a result, in or around December 2010, Bill, Nancy, their daughter-in-law, Sydney Dickey, Debra, David, and their son-in-law, Mark Young, began to meet and plan for Stad’s Crabfest 2011, which would be the event’s first foray into fundraising.  This six member informal board of advisors created a mission statement that embodies the goals of the organization:

Stad’s Crabfest is devoted to raising awareness and enhancing the quality of life of those affected by cancer, focusing on the journey from diagnosis through resolution.

It was decided that Stad’s Crabfest would choose one organization per year that fit into its mission statement and ask Crabfest attendees to make a donation to that organization at the yearly seafood summer picnic.  Please see our Donation Recipients page for a list of organizations who have received funds through Stad’s Crabfest.

In October 2013, Frank Korn, CPA, joined the informal board of directors. 

In March 2014, Stad’s Crabfest Inc. formally organized as a New Jersey nonprofit corporation and filed for recognition as a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  Such exemption was granted in July 2014, effective March 7, 2014.

Stad's Crabfest held it's 13th annual Stad’s Crabfest on Friday, June 29th, 2018.