Thank you for a successful 10th Annual Stad's Crabfest!

Dear Stad's Crabfest Community:

On behalf of the Board, please accept our heartfelt thanks for participating in Stad's 10th Annual Crabfest and for your continued support of our mission.  The generosity you showed this year is awe-inspiring, and once again, the event was a joyous community building experience.  We are happy to report that, because of you, The Center For Hope will get the medical carts that we were hoping to make possible.  In fact, we exceeded that goal.  As a result, Stad's Crabfest Inc. will be able to fulfill additional needs in our community to enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer.

Attached is a group photo that was taken near the end of the July 11th event.  There are approximately 1/3 of the attendees missing from this photo.  We plan to take the group photo earlier at the event next year and hope that you will be there to say "cheese!" (or as some exclaimed this year, "crabs!").

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please visit our webpage ( and join our Facebook group page, where you may upload photos from this year's event, prior Crabfest events, or photos of you wearing your Crabfest t-shirt anywhere in the world.  Have a great summer and please keep in touch.  


Bill "Stad" Baton